When Fortnite originally released for mobile devices, the game was not made available for the Google Play Store. However, Epic announced today that Fortnite would be put on the Google Play Store going forward, with the game officially available in the store now for Android users.

After a couple of years of being available only through Epic Games, Fortnite is now available on the Google Play Store.

Previously, Fortnite was kept away from the Google Play Store in a seemingly purposeful attempt. In 2019, Epic told The Verge that it had asked Google for an exemption on its30% fee that the company requires for in-app purchases. Google didn’t grand them any such exemption, so Fortnite never appeared on the Google Play Store.

In a statement sent to Polygon on Tuesday, however, Epic said that the reason for the change is due to what it calls “disadvantages” that Google puts on apps located…

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