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Okay, but seriously, Chadley is a stupid name. If you started up Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you probably have some questions about this Chadley character, his Intel Reports, and why you should bother with what are essentially pretty dull side quests. Or maybe you don’t, and you blew off this kid and his achievement list. Why do you want to help this weird robot Shinra clone kid? Oh, right, Materia.

Who is Chadley? I don’t remember him.

Ffvii Remake Chadley Guide

Source: Android Central

Chadley is a brand new character introduced in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, whose purpose seems to be to introduce certain Materia earlier in the game. Chadley begins his odd, mechanical introduction explaining that he works as an intern for Shinra Research and Development. This, of course, is a huge red flag for Cloud, the ex-SOLDIER who really would rather Shinra just stopped existing.

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