Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

Facebook released its Q1 2021 earnings report and it paints quite a rosy picture for the company’s involvement in the future of VR and AR devices. Lining up with the previous quarter — where developers and analysts alike estimated the Oculus Quest 2 sold between 2-3 million units — Quest 2 seems to have sold another 2 million units so far in 2021, according to analysts. If estimates are correct, that means that the Quest 2 now has an install base of up to 5 million users; a milestone that’s incredibly impressive when compared to any other before it.

Up until now, the most successful VR headset of all time is the PlayStation VR which, according to Sony’s official estimates, has sold just over 5 million units since launching in 2016. That means Facebook’s second-generation standalone VR headset sold as many units in 6 months as Sony sold in 5…

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