Epic’s lawsuit with Apple has unearthed a lot of information as the trial began today. When Epic CEO Tim Sweeney was asked to take the stand, he revealed that his company pays Sony for cross-play support on PS4 and PS5, making it the only platform holder to require additional compensation (via The Verge).

“In certain circumstances, Epic will have to pay additional revenue to Sony,” he said. “If somebody were primarily playing on PlayStation but paying on iPhone, then this might trigger compensation.” Epic also confirmed that it paid extra fees to enable cross-play in Fortnite on PlayStation.

Earlier I wrote that PlayStation’s partnership with Discord shows that it’s getting serious about cross-play, but Sweeney’s statements give us a troubling look into Sony’s mindset. While cross-play was added to Fortnite on PlayStation in 2018, around three years ago, it speaks to the current…

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