It’s been a long time coming, but Echo VR is finally available on the Oculus Quest for everyone to try. During the open beta, Echo VR is available for free to all Oculus Quest players. Simply head to the Oculus Store and download the beta, or find the listing link here to view it on your PC or phone. Oculus Quest players will be able to play with all their Oculus Rift friends without restriction although, at this time, Echo Combat isn’t available on the Oculus Quest.

Echo VR was formerly known as Echo Arena and seemingly takes some heavy inspiration from the Ender’s Game series of books, specifically the zero-gravity battle arenas found in Battle School. Just as you might have imagined if you read the first book, the zero-gravity arenas in Echo VR starts players at opposite ends of a long, cylindrical-shaped arena that features several obstacles along the way.

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