Disney’s earnings call was a bit of a downer today — Disneyland Shanghai is re-opening, but there’s no guidance on when the domestic parks or film/TV product can restart — but Disney+ is still doing quite well, and we now know what countries should be getting the service in the next six months: Disney+ will be coming to Japan in June, and it appears both the Eastern Europe and South American launches are still on track for later this year.

Disney+ also updated its subscriber numbers, a month after announcing on April 8 that they has surpassed 50 million subscribers. Disney+ is now at about 54.5 million subscribers. This is a return to a more normal rate after a steep rise in subscribers in March, going from 33.8 million March 28 to 50 million by April 8 to 54.5 by May 4. The majority of that sharp increase came from Disney+ going live in Western Europe on March 24 amid…

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