Demeo HeroSource: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

Dungeons and Dragons is one of those experiences I’ve often considered but had never undertaken. Over the years, I’ve played card games like Magic the Gathering, taken part in several Everquest and World of Warcraft LAN parties, and, yet, something as ubiquitous as Dungeons and Dragons has, somehow, always eluded my grasp. I don’t know if it’s the deep commitment that D&D players often find themselves agreeing to — my own brother has a regular D&D group he plays with — or the huge rulebook that seems to change all the time; it’s just never been part of my routine.

Demeo threatens to change all of that — in a very good way, of course — by bringing the feel of Dungeons and Dragons to the world of VR, creating a board game atmosphere in a virtual basement where you and three other teammates can delve deep into dungeons without the need for…

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