Did you know that COVID-19 was a manufactured bioweapon and somehow 5G telecom networks can transmit it? Of course you didn’t, because that’s absolutely stupid and not true on any level. But that won’t stop some people from spreading it around.

Some crazy things are harmless. You might get a spam email from your mom about it and have to explain to her that no matter how many times she shares something a millionaire isn’t going to donate money to some already-worthy cause. Others are less harmless and can get people a little too excited, like the idea that Obama is somehow going to take away all your guns. And some are just stupid, like the whole 5G causes brain damage or coronavirus.

Disney never gives away free money, out-of-work politicians aren’t going to steal your guns, and 5G doesn’t cause coronavirus.

I don’t care about the first group. If my mom wants to believe that…

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