Source: Ara Wagoner/Android Central

Best Answer: Yes. If you have an HDMI compatible monitor with built-in speakers, you should be able to use Chromecast with a monitor. If your HDMI compatible monitor doesn’t have internal speakers, you can still connect the Chromecast with some extra steps.

How to Use Chromecast with a monitor

  1. Plug your Chromecast into the HDMI port on your monitor.

    Chromecast In Monitor

    Source: Ara Wagoner/Android Central

  2. Tap Set Up under the option for your Chromecast and follow the prompts to connect your device.

Once the Chromecast with Google TV is plugged into the HDMI port, you should be able to use your Chromecast with Google TV remote to navigate the menu and stream to your heart’s content. However, you won’t be able to set the buttons for power/input/volume to adjust the power/input/volume of the monitor in the same way you use it with your smart TV.

If you are connecting to…

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