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Best answer: Sony is very clear; there is no Remote Play compatibility on PlayStation Now. You are unable to stream any PlayStation Now content to your phone via Remote Play.

What is PlayStation Now?

PlayStation Now (PS Now) is Sony’s game streaming service. For around $60 a year, you can stream over 800 PS4, PS3, and PS2 games directly to your PS4 or PS5 or download hundreds of games to use offline on a console. All of these games can also be streamed to PC. That’s a pretty good selection for a little under $5 a month.

PS Now has taken a little while to get going, especially because many were already subscribing to PS Plus, another $60 a year. Now, though, you can comfortably buy PS Now as a one-off payment and feel good knowing you have 800 games to play whenever you like.

What is Remote Play?

Remote Play is an app for your phone that allows…

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