Best answer: No, not as a tracker. The Apple AirTag will work with an Android phone via NFC when the tracker is in Lost Mode to return it to its owner.

Don’t plan on buying an Apple AirTag if you use an Android phone

When Apple announced the AirTag during its Spring Loaded Event in April 2021, this question came up: “Will the Apple AirTag work with an Android phone or not?” After all, it works like all the other excellent Bluetooth trackers on the market, right? Kind of. While the Apple AirTag has Bluetooth, which can help track it down, there is much more technology inside that coin-shaped device than just Bluetooth.

Arguably the most impressive bit of technology inside the AirTag is the inclusion of UWB (ultra-wideband) that helps with locating the device down to within half an inch. You’ll find NFC in the tracker as well, and that’s the only part that will be compatible with…

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