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Boost Mobile is a great deal for people that use a lot of data. It offers great rates on data plans, including a large amount of hotspot data, Boost Mobile has earned a reputation as a great, low-cost, MVNO. Boost Mobile is owned by Sprint, now T-Mobile, and runs primarily on Sprint’s LTE network. Some Boost Mobile phones are capable of working on the larger T-Mobile network in certain areas. Bringing multiple lines can bring down the cost making Boost a great deal for your family. You can even bring in an unlocked phone or buy one from Boost to get connected. Here’s everything you need to know if Boost Mobile sounds like a good fit for you.

Big on data

Boost Mobile

Big on data

Boost Mobile offers plans with a ton of data at reasonable prices for smartphone users looking to save. Hotspot usage on every plan makes it a great…

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