Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

There are a lot of ways that people like to paint the differences between an Android and an iPhone: Google vs. Apple, chaotic vs. organized, cheap vs. overpriced. To my mind, though, there’s no better way to distinguish the two than by simply looking at their respective home screens. iPhone home screens all look the same: pages of app icons and a wallpaper.

Androids can play that tune, too, if you’re lazy. But if you’re willing to take just a little bit of time, you can make the home screen of your Android phone look like anything you want.

I’m prone to spending hours and hours fine-tuning detailed themes and trying to get things set up just so — much to the dismay of my editors — but don’t worry, you don’t need hours to make your phone uniquely yours. You just need a spark of creativity and a few of the assets from my robust theming…

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