Wallet Cases for the Galaxy S20 Plus
Android Central

Bigger phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20+ are perfect candidates for wallet cases. The bigger the phone, the more space it takes up in your pocket or bag. Wallet cases let you condense all your essential IDs and payment methods in one place. The best-designed wallet cases make life more comfortable at the expense of a little added bulk. Check out the stylish options available so far.

Cut down your pocket carry

There are plenty of cases available in all sorts of styles for the Galaxy S20+, and the number of options is getting even more endless. Wallet cases are great because you can reduce your pocket carry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of folio or a stealthy card stasher, replacing your wallet with a phone case is a smart idea. I prefer the folio-style because the leather card slots expand nicely over time to…

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