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The Star Wars franchise has seen some great games come and go over the years. I’d like to take a moment to pour one out for Star Wars: Force Arena, a MOBA-style game that was shut down almost a year ago. It was easily the best Star Wars mobile game I’ve played, and it’s a shame that it was not viable — or whatever the reason was why the developers had for shutting down the servers.

I’ll also note that this list does not include any AR-experiences or lightsaber simulators because, despite how cool they might be, they are novelties and not really games that you can get enjoyment out for any true length of time.

I’ll also briefly mention Star Wars: Card Trader, which is an app focused on collecting Star Wars cards like some of us used to do as kids. It’s less a game than a collectathon with gamified elements. There’s a community dedicated to buying, selling,…

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