PopSockets and Phone Grips
Android Central

As smartphones got bigger and selfies more crucial, PopSockets became a must-have. Now you can stabilize your phone without getting that dreaded cramp in your pinky finger. The PopSockets Swappable PopGrips have so many fun designs and last through me running around Disney World’s heat and rain, but there’s phone grips aplenty if you’re in the market for something a little less round.

Best Overall: PopSockets Swappable PopGrips


PopSockets were already some of the most popular and widely-used phone grips on the market for a reason: they lasted a long time, really helped reduce the stress on your hands, and came in more styles than you can shake a phone case at. PopSockets are also impressively affordable: even PopGrips with premium materials and styles like the Metallic Diamond Collection and franchised designs like Marvel…

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