Oculus Quest 2 Head Strap & Elite Strap Alternatives
Android Central

Do you find the elastic band that ships with the Quest 2 uncomfortable? Have you had your Quest 2 Elite Strap break? Surprisingly, the best Quest 2 strap isn’t actually any of the official solutions, although you won’t necessarily have to ditch what you’ve got to make it better. Whether you’re looking for a head strap that’ll let you use a mouse and keyboard with your Quest 2 for longer, or you need better weight distribution for when you’re playing the best Quest 2 games, we’ve got several options for you to choose from.

Cradle your cranium:
Eyglo Elite Strap

Staff Pick

The Eyglo Elite Strap is probably the single-most comfortable strap on this list, and that’s why it earns the Staff Pick award. Unlike the original strap or even the official Oculus Elite Strap, Eyglo’s model completely hugs…

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