microSD Cards for Galaxy S10
Android Central

The base storage for the Galaxy S10 lineup is 128GB — which is a remarkable number considering it was nothing more than a pipe dream for smartphones storage five short years ago. However, these days with downloading movies and recording 4K super slow-mos, 128GB doesn’t go as far as it used to. This is where microSD cards come in, and these are the best ones to use in your S10.

How much storage is enough storage for you?

I’m of the firm opinion that you shouldn’t buy a microSD card that’s smaller than the storage already on your phone, but you also don’t need to go too far overboard. For users who aren’t what I lovingly call “digital hoarders” — people who download as much of their digital library as possible so they have everything they own always available — you probably only need a 128GB card like the Samsung Evo…

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