Galaxy S10 Screen Protectors
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The Galaxy S10 has got a great, big, beautiful screen with some new tricks inside — like that fancy ultrasonic fingerprint sensor — but those tricks make buying a screen protector all the more important and all the more difficult. See, that in-screen fingerprint sensor can’t tolerate any air bubbles or gaps between the screen and the screen protector, so your best bets are plastic film protectors or the Whitestone Dome Glass, which is one of the only tempered glass screen protectors we can find that plays nice with it.

Staff pick

ZAGG offers everything with its InvisibleShield screen protector, including impact and scratch protection, a built-in blue light filter, and a smudge-resistant coating.

$31 at Amazon

Hands down, the Whitestone screen protector is one of the best around. It has an in-depth…

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