Clear Cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra
Android Central

There are a lot of options out there for protecting your snazzy, new, super-sized Samsung phone, and if you’re a fan of Samsung’s unique design style, a clear case might be the perfect fit. Whether you want a sleek clear case for scratch-protection or a rugged clear case that can go the distance, here are the best clear cases for the S20 Ultra.

Don’t hide the beauty

Just because the S20 Ultra is big doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a good clear case. I understand not wanting to add any more bulk by using a thin model like the Spigen Liquid Crystal, and the scratch protection and grip added here are all some of us need in a clear case.

At almost half a pound, though, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a phone that can get some serious momentum going if it does fall, so a clear case with robust drop protection like the ArmadilloTek…

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