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Carriers for 5G
Android Central

It’s finally time to think about 5G when choosing a carrier. 5G coverage has continued to grow and is available in more places than ever. Increased use of sub-6 5G has led to great coverage and many supported phones while mmWave is pushing out the boat on speed and capacity in dense urban areas. There are also some MVNO options allowing for even more access. With a mix of sub-6 on low-band and mid-band spectrum for rural and suburban areas and mmWave in progress in urban areas, T-Mobile is the best carrier for 5G.

T-Mobile 5G on OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition

Source: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

T-Mobile invested heavily in 600MHz spectrum, which is used to bolster it’s LTE as well as start building a capable 5G network. While this 600MHz 5G hasn’t been able to deliver speeds significantly higher than modern LTE in real world testing, it does deliver these…

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