Though mobile doesn’t have the impressive backlog and history of RPGs that PC and consoles do, there are still quite a few notably good ones that you can play right on your phone. Some are classics ported over to the touchscreen while others are unique to this platform. These are time sinks, make no mistake, and are well worth the cost to entry.

Sky: Children of the Light

We don’t often see staggered releases between Android and iOS these days, but Sky: Children of the Light took almost a year to arrive on the former. Good thing, too, because it’s a really fun game. It’s worth installing if nothing else but to enjoy the gorgeous art style, beautiful world, and relaxing adventure.

It’s difficult to describe Sky, but I’ll try to be concise. After some time with the game, it’s obvious that the focus is on exploration and socializing. Your goal is to find lost stars and guide them…

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