Drink to a speedy negotiation:
“Me, the Impostor? Lol.” Mug

Staff Pick

Me? The Imposter? Why I’d never! Sip your drink as you watch your friends accuse each other of sabotage.

$15 at Innersloth

Among Us Coloring Book

A solid stress reliever:
Among Us Coloring Book

Among Us can be a stressful game, whether you’re an Imposter trying to avoid detection or a crew member trying to complete a task. So why not relax and relieve some stress with this Among Us coloring book?

$8 at Amazon

Among Us Socks

Warm and toasty:
Among Us Socks (pack of three)

Finding and successfully ejecting the imposter is a satisfying feeling. Unfortunately, you might have to eject dozens of innocents to find the culprit. Pay your respects by wearing your crew on your feet.

$11 at Amazon

Among Us Hood

Stay comfy:
Among Us 3D Print Hoodie

There aren’t many things comfier than wearing a comfy sweater while stabbing your crew in the…

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