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With all of the hubbub around Apple’s Spring Loaded event, as well as new Fitbit, and Samsung announcements over the past few weeks, you may not have noticed a possible paradigm-shifting move that Amazon made with its Kindle e-book platform. Amazon’s new Kindle Vella service is slowly rolling out in a testing phase right now, but it could change how many of us consume the written word moving forward.

What is Amazon Kindle Vella?

Amazon Kindle Vella Hero

Source: Amazon

At its core, Kindle Vella is a new way to experience reading through Amazon that promotes serialized storytelling. If that sounds like the experience of watching a television/streaming series, you’re not far off. The idea is that authors will periodically publish chapters (or “episodes”) and release them via Kindle Vella to their readers, who will subsequently pay to access each new chapter/episode as they come out.

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