Best answer: Yes. The DualSense has an internal battery that can recharged via USB-C. It is unknown what type of battery this is or if it is easily replaceable should it start to degrade.

Current-gen: DualShock 4 ($60 at Best Buy)

How can we recharge the DualSense?

The PS5 DualSense controller can be recharged via USB-C. Similar to how you can charge a DualShock 4, just attach the cable between the controller and your console and you’re good to go. You should also be able to charge it through any power source with a compatible USB port.

What type of battery does it use?

Sony has not stated the exact type of battery that the DualSense will use yet. For reference, the DualShock 4 uses a 1,000mAh lithium ion internal battery. The battery life on the DualShock 4 was notoriously bad, routinely dying in under 10 hours and sometimes just as little as four hours. It’s also unclear what the…

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