Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

I love books — always have. The tactility of the object, the spine that holds all the pages in place, the finger brushing against the paper as they turn. It’s about as far from how we interact with smartphones as you can get.

And yet a bit of that constructiveness is finding its way back into handsets these days thanks to the slow (and now-halted) rollout of foldable phones. What started as a bit of a joke morphed to impressive liability to, more recently, an expensive novelty. But at what point does the foldable move beyond being merely shiny and new and into a category perhaps less flashy but far more important — an alternative?

That you can still count on one hand the number of foldable phone options out there bears out this point. And while perhaps Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip ironed out a few of the endemic problems of its Galaxy Fold…

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