Financial analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo has tweeted about the American company’s plan to move to a universal connector. Kuo revealed some details that may result in an iPhone with a USB Type-C port in 2023. Kuo said that adopting USB-C “could improve iPhone’s transfer and charging speed in hardware designs, but the final spec details still depend on iOS support.”

Apple switching to USB Type C could finally allow the iPhone maker to push through faster-charging speeds, something that has been deprived to iPhone users for many years now. Android phone makers have upped the levels by offering charging speeds up to 150W right now. So, it is high time that Apple joins the race and gives people more reasons to buy the iPhones, especially at those hefty prices.

Apple is being pushed by European countries to ditch its exclusive port for a more universally accepted Type-C port. So much so that EU could threaten the company with penalties for using the unconventional port. While Apple claims to take bold steps in favour of the climate, maintaining an exclusive port only goes on to expand its carbon footprint. Additionally, Apple might lose royalty coming from authorized manufacturers of the Lightning port-based accessories.

Kuo also talked about the advantages of taking the USB Type-C route. He claimed USB Type-C connectors could open doors to fast charging on iPhones as well as much faster data transfers. However, he claims the final specs that will be adopted will depend on iOS.

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