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Projectors have typically been seen as something that require a lot of effort to set up and use; this is why I was so excited to do an Anker Nebular Solar portable projector review. When I was a kid, I only saw projectors in school or at a “rich” friend’s house. Those projectors were big and cumbersome, had lots of wires running out of them, and needed professionals to install.

These days there are all-in-one options that make it all so much easier, and the best Android-powered projectors take it even a step further. With the Anker Nebular Solar portable projector you can watch a movie, TV Show, or play a game without plugging in a single thing — not even a power supply. Since it has a built-in battery and speakers, all you have to do connect it to Wi-Fi, and you’re ready to go! That is, after you set up Android TV.

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