Source: Alex Dobie / Android Central

What you need to know

  • A look into Android 12 has shown that it may finally let users manage deleted files.
  • The new “trash bin” will allow users to view and remove deleted files from their devices.
  • The Files by Google app is set to receive a similar feature which could arrive around the same time.

Android 12 is still in early developer preview on phones like the Google Pixel 5, meaning many of its features are either hidden, not ready, or not finalized. Fortunately, there are plenty of developers who dig into the system to look at potential features that are being worked on. The latest look into the Android 12 code (via XDA-Developers) has unveiled that the hidden “trash bin” may finally become more of a thing with this new release.

The trash bin would more or less act similarly to the Recycle Bin in Windows; it would show you all the files that…

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