Goldilocks zone

Echo Show 8

Bedside buddy

Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 8 has taken pretty much all that was good from the Echo Show (2nd Gen) and the Echo Show 5, and fit them into a perfectly-sized smart screen speaker. On-device privacy controls, a better screen resolution than the smaller Show 5, and better speakers make this a great buy.

$100 at Amazon


  • Great compromise size
  • Physical cover/off switch for microphones and camera
  • Similar specs to more expensive Echo Show (2nd Gen)


  • No Dolby processing
  • Need a stand to adjust viewing angles

The Echo Show 5 changed the game for the Echo product line. It “showed” that Amazon could put a quality smart screen experience in a smaller package without sacrificing sound or security. It is the perfect companion device, but it may not stand alone if this is your only Show.

$70 at Amazon


  • Compact design to…

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