P40 Pro

Huawei unveiled the P40 series in March, and we’ve spent the last few days putting the new flagship through its paces – all while in lockdown. Here are five of our thought so far.

1. The autofocus here puts the Samsung Galaxy S20 series to shame

While I’ll get onto the general camera capabilities in the next point, the first thing I noticed was how ridiculously fast the autofocus was. Something even more apparent after coming the from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – a phone that struggles to consistently lock on to targets.

I can quickly move my hand in and out of view, and the camera will almost immediately focus; the same goes if someone is running quickly. This is impressive stuff.

2. This could be the best camera around

Even though I have been stuck in a tiny South London flat for the past what-seems-like-years, it’s immediately apparent just how good this camera is….

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