Spotify is set to upgrade its mobile apps with a long-requested user-feature, real-time lyrics support. Unlike the version of the feature in Google’s YouTube Music app, real-time lyrics are more fun and immersive. They will scroll across the screen in time to the music, allowing a user to keep track of what is being played and even sing-along if they’d like.

Tomorrow, the company will announce the launch of its new lyrics feature in 26 worldwide markets across Southeast Asia, India, and Latin America. This will be the first time lyrics have been offered in 22 of these 26 markets, as only Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mexico had some form of lyrics support in the past via other providers.

The launch is being made possible by a new agreement with lyrics provider Musixmatch, which was also the source for the tests seen last year. At that time, users in Canada had reported gaining…

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